Lots of folks are wondering what is happening when on Saturday, so here is the scoop:

Canning Contest Entries Drop off 8-10 (bring 6 x 250ml+ jars)

Swap Jars drop off 8-1 (bring any # of 250ml+ sized jars, receive a swap ticket for each jar)

* All jars must be safely canned this ’12 season using ONLY hot water bath, steam or pressure canning methods

Doors open at 10

Tasting Ballot 10-1

Demo schedules below:

Most demo’s will be ongoing throughout the event but some are starting at specific times see below

Meat Curing : Rilette & Prosciutto – Ongoing

 Fermenting:  Tibicos Water Kefir – 10-12

 Fermenting: Sauerkraut  – 12-1

 Canning 101  – Ongoing

Sourdough Bread Basics – Ongoing

Kombucha – Ongoing

 Wine  / Mead making –  11-1

Canning Jar Crafts  –  Ongoing

1:30 Canning Contest Winners Announced & Prizes Awarded

Collect Swap Jars


Talk to all our great local groups working on our sustainable food futures

from seed to growing with integrity through to harvest to sharing surplus!