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I realized we have a few new faces (both fuzzy and feathered) around these parts and thought it was about time to introduce you to the new animals so here they are starting from newest to oldest:

5 tiny chicks, by way of a fram yard in Grand Forks come sweet little silkie chicks less than a week old. We think they look like Fraggles when they are mature with feather feet and huge flamboyant head plumes so we have been calling them: Red, Gobo, Boober, Wembley and Mokey, and a tribute to everyone’s favorite puppet master Jim Henson.

2 new zelend / rex rabbits; Romeo and Juliet, soon to be Ma & Pa… but it seems little Romeo (small white little guy) isn’t up for the challenge yet. All is not lost their poo is great and we are feeding it to the worms who can’t get enough, and they cause a great stir in the chicken yard when the start hopping around at top speed!

1 tiny home birth (or hatch as it may be) Feist sweet little black baby bird that looks mostly Americana, she is the second “child” of Madonna our gold breasted Brodie patriarch bird.

10000+ red wiggler worms! lovely happy poo eating machines! You may recall our excellent vermicompost tea brewing systems from last week! Today we are bubbling up another batch of vermi-comphry-tea for the garden, starts and guilds.

All the other lovely hens we have keep us in farm fresh rainbow eggs each day. I think with the new chicks we are up at about 26 stunning heritage birds.

And the keepers of us all, the night watchmen, dedicated loyal and diligent in their service to the fokes and the flock are MacKenzie and Odin. The best bear busting cougar chasing, deer stalking duo around!