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Yeah we have a yurt skeleton!

What an exciting weekend, after all these weeks and weeks of making yurt parts, moving earth, leveling ground, playing with foam blocks, and building decking.. it all came together over the past 3 days!

By 4:30 today we had lattice walls up, centre ring up and standing proud on top of all the roof rafters, complete with compression cable and lovely wood door… with two big pushes and the help of some good friends we are one giant step closer to my art studio / guest house!

The woodwork Dylan did is amazing! beautiful clear fir with lovely round overs, and snug custom pieces.

You can see in the image of the garden gates where the yurt sits cozied up to the back of the garden, which sits just below the new road, eventually I see the yurt as a part of the garden, rather than separated from it.

We have come a long way to get here and have a lot more to go before I am cozied up at my loom in a wood fire heated yarn yurt! Just wanted to share the joy

of our latest achievements, while we rush to beat the winter weather.


OH.. and check out the big fish I caught last weekend on our thanksgiving fishing trip!