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I guess on my last post when I claimed chicken disaster I was a little out of order.. you see we now have dealt with (in fact our first ever) violent chicken attack and death. 😦

Sadly at the tooth of our own new little puppy.

What a sad start to the morning, my sobbing sister pleading with us to come out side, I knew instantly it was the chickens, and I guess I have been expecting this moment since those little puff balls arrived last spring. Oden was lazinly lounging in the newly expanded coup with a mouthful of feathers and our little Chicken Dumb Dumb was feet up next to him. As we quickly tried to assess the damage and the situation, I could tell by the piles of various feathers what other birds had encountered Oden, and the hunt was on for wounded or M.I.A. birds. As it turned out we only lost the one, however we have Miss (our best and most beautiful layer) as well as Wacko Jacko hold up in the chicken hospital, with a gruesome neck injury and a bunk leg respectively.

Oden hopeful has learned his lesson, after a bad day in the proverbial dog house, I think he realizes his pack was not happy with his actions.

On a brighter note we all spent May Day floating / canoeing down the river with good friends finishing our journey to the drumming and festivities of the Winlaw Water Day and river blessing. I think if we weren’t so sun stroked we would have really enjoyed the magic assembly of celebrators. What a colourful and creative group of people live here and seeing a joyful and lively celebration of our most pristine and essential resource was delightful!

We have been hard at it in the garden, moving forward on the total expansion plan, which included rototilling (gasp) and pulling about 600 lbs (no exaggeration) of couch grass weeds by hand! I was adamant that I wouldn’t till my growing soil… and finally broke down and had to make a impact on the epic grass situation. Lots of what we tilled will be pathways, as well as foundation for three new raised beds made from cedar mill off cuts, however I did have the potato / onion / root crop field tilled and meticulously double dug and weeded, as was the corn field. This will be the only such tilling event, and as our garden plans develop those beds will get nutrients added to them, rather than taken away, year after year.

Also we have added a nice little flower bed to the entrance of the garden gate, which will be bursting with volunteer tubers and donations from friends thinning. Mia planted it out artfully today. I have a good amount of comfory coming up which is really exciting! We have horseradish in the ground which is new to me. Today we are all hands on deck in the dirt.. planting out onions/ potato’s, strawberries / leeks peas and beans.

The slideshow pictures today came from Sophias camera, I don’t know why I have been so lazy about documenting things visually 😦 Still no picture of the royal throne house yet.. but soon.

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary of living on this mountain side and we are planning a big May Long Weekend celebration… so any of you folks from the prairies looking for a non snowy may long destination… might I recommend the Slocan Valley?