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Not a big week for progress I am afraid, it’s just Mia, Ceilli and Me here right now, so our accomplishments are small but plentiful. We have been spending a lot of time in the garden shed / play loft area and Mia is just loving having her own space outside. Her tree house is coming (likely next spring) and we have advertised this loft space to her as a temporary rental apartment before her dream home! The best thing about the garden loft is it overlooks the chicken run and Mia is spending hours interacting with the birds and observing their behavior, the other day we got a great field guide to western birds from the library and she has been enjoying the binoculars Dave gave us to identify all the wild birds in the yard. She even scared off a falcon who was keen to indulge in one of our chooks! Luckily we netted the top of the run, and Mia gave him a stern talking too as well. I have got my tool shed in order somewhat and I am working hard at preserving food more on that at my SOLE food blog and harvesting the garden glut. Getting the house in order before out next round of guests arrive this week, and doing some baking and cooking with wheat while Dylan is away! I thought I might get some painting done inside this week but mostly I have been cleaning and doing food stuff, reading and relaxing as we have had a couple really crazy thunderstorms in the evenings so it’s nice to be curled up with a good book.