CARGOTECITURE here we come…  

Yesterday we (and when I say we I mean Dyl) received delivery of a 20ft sea can, which is step 1 of our trailer retro fit! The plan is to fill and store this shipping container will our building materials, then ship it to site where we will set it into the hillside and swing the existing trailer 90º, to maximize solar gain, and use the can as a footing to catch the other end of the trailer. This will then serve as a great root cellar / storage room.

This monster steel box weights in at a mere 5000 Lbs! And that talented man of mine, single handedly moved the beast about10 feet to snug it into the carport, reportedly this was done at a painstaking pace of 1/2 inch intervals. Hopefully the neighbors won’t complain, about the box before we move next week. And I will think twice about huffing about all the time Dyl spends on you tube watching other people move big things by them selves… as I now see the value in these skills.

So we are going to be doing a quick reno and retrofit of the trailer to live in while we watch, listen and walk the land for a year, finding just the right position to build our home in. This will also give us the chance to get some food growing, learn a thing or two about “the chickenness of the chicken”, and maybe even acquire a sheep. This summer we also plan to get a nice outdoor solar bathroom set up and hopefully a couple small permanent straw igloo’s so that our eager group of helpers and visitors have some amenities for this and the next building season.

The trailer reno will be a really great lesson in all systems and techniques we are considering for the house, but on a smaller and more manageable scale. We will be building two rammed earth into car tire wall / foundations to pick up the rest of the trailer load which spans a hillside, This will also create a “downstairs” to house of PV electrical storage area and our composting toilet collector. We will also get to use some of the diverted patio doors we have been rescuing from demo’s and reno’s all over the city, to do a small addition to the front (soon to be south facing) living area.

Here are some cool links to cargotecture sites which have inspired our trailer remod… And I will be posting a 3D model of our trailer plan within the next day or two.