We had the great fortune this past weekend of spending a few wonderful hours touring the Bow Point Nursery with the opperators and a former student / Arborist friend of ours Frenchy. Owners Ken & Pam are doing the most amazing things with their 16 acre parcel, using educated sustainable methods. Bow point nursery grows NATIVE ALBERTA SPECIES, and they have some really diverse and unique species of tree’s and plants. The Paskapoo Poplar (shown in the gallery below) Is a stunning example of a tree which thrives in Alberta, and has some very interesting characteristics, nothing like the root sprawling poplars that took over my Calgary home as a child.

I had no idea what I was in for when we were invited to visit the nursery, but I left gob smacked and in awe of the thoughtful operations and growing practises which make this business so sustainable and low impact. Ken climbed his multch and compost stacks with us which gave Dyl the opportunity for the first time to feel the incredible heat source generated by breaking down organic’s (we are now fired up about the idea of capturing compost heat via radiant lines, to incorporate into a radiant floor heat source for a winter green house)

The BPN operation was full cycle and the ideas and products created by “waste” were awe inspiring! We sniffed, swatted, climbed, and kicked our way through the land and outbuildings eagerly absorbing info and asking questions…

This visit was so well timed, as many systems and ideas we have been developing for our future lifestyle, where in front of us and in use in a commercial application that was a shinning example of sustainable (and profitable) symbiosis of waste and resources.

My favourite diversion practise at Bow Point is the harvesting of Urban Tree’s destine for land fill or fire pit… Generally when someone needs a tree removed from their home or business (to make room for a new building, or because it’s dead or growing into power lines or over the property line) One would call and Arborist to have it cut down and taken away… standard practise see’s these often huge old  tree’s turned into firewood, chip, or worse landfilled! Well Bow Point rescues and receives urban trees and re saws them into stunning lumber, the likes of which a deep pocket’d wood worker would be hard pressed to find, let alone purchase with a conscious. Yet here they are creating planks and veneers of rescued recycled birds eye + burled hard woods! Here is a massive “stick” of maple rescued from the Uof C sitting on a track saw. WOW!!!