_MG_8804We got the land! After much back and forth between parties and some sleepless nights, our 4th or 5th offer was finally accepted!

Now our little piece of heaven on Perry’s Ridge is just some paper pushing away!

This spanky 80’s trailer will be out home on the range while we build our home, which Dylan will be writing about soon.

We will soon be settling into just over 8 acres of gently sloping mountain side, with about 3 acres of nicely tiered level agricultural land with good sun exposure, surrounded but a thick boarder of trees, backing into a lovely 5+ acres of mossy dense forest with some nice diversity of species: Hemlock, Cedar, Yew, and a lot of great wild mushroom, both of the edible and magic varieties :}

The magic of this land is it feels like you are in the middle of now where, yet we have neighbours on 3 sides, and the wonderful village of Winlaw at our feet!

Possession date is Dec 15… and now we are dreaming of a trailer “park” christmas!